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  • 26Jan 2015
    An Early Start to Literacy Unlocks many Opportunities – Dave Salagubas

    With two children under the age of 3, Dave and Ashley are busy parents.....

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  • 19Jan 2015
    Family Time with the Braids

    Mom, Kaveri, and dad, Christian, work busy jobs. They have two young children under the age of three. Days are full, and evenings are packed with quality time together.

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  • 12Jan 2015
    The Hockely Family and Literacy

    Life is also busy, scrambling chaos. For Dean and Deb Hockley, the busy day to day includes getting three active kids between the ages of 9 and 13 to and from school and their many activities.

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  • 05Jan 2015
    Masesi’s Approach to Parenting: Involve Your Kids in Lifelong Learning

    This is the greatest lesson Masesi Masilela has learned about parenting. Her approach to parenting, community, and life in general is both simple .....

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