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  • 28Dec 2015
    Brianna Bergeron – READ Saskatoon Donor

    Brianna Bergeron is a motivated and goal oriented communication and marketing professional and serial volunteer....

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  • 21Dec 2015
    Parviz Yazdani – READ Saskatoon supporter

    Dr. Parviz Yazdani, is a Saskatoon dentist and entrepreneur, who has been living in Saskatoon since his move to Canada as ......

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  • 14Dec 2015
    Sheena Greer – READ Saskatoon donor

    Sheena Greer has been passionate about words since she was a child. After she received her BA in English from the University of Saskatchewan....

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  • 12Dec 2015
    Deb Murdoch – READ Saskatoon donor

    Deb is an AMP mortgage broker and owner of First Avenue Furnishings . She has a passion for numbers and people.....

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  • 07Dec 2015
    Dave Hutton – READ Saskatoon Donor

    David is the managing editor of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.  He holds a master’s degree in journalism....

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