18Apr 16

Authors’ Circle Members – Liv Marken and Family

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Authors' Circle members – Liv Marken and her family

John and Liv both work at the University of Saskatchewan Library. John is a computer programmer and Liv is the writing centre coordinator, and so both work with technology, information, access to information, and language every day. Liv also teaches for the English Department, and is on the Board of READ Saskatoon. Luke is 15 and loves gaming, architecture, and drawing, while Anna loves photography, making videos, and playing hockey.  

Literacy is important to us. It's more than the concept of 'knowing how to read and write'; it also brings enjoyment, connection, and empowerment! As our children move from middle school to high school, we see how their information literacy and reading and writing skills help them to advocate for themselves and others, to understand subtleties and other points of view, and to think more clearly about important issues. We believe that all people deserve that right.

We support READ Saskatoon because it has made life better for all our community's citizens. The more this growing organization advocates for and assists those who need it, the stronger we become as a community. Information literacy, financial literacy, and reading and writing are so woven into our lives that they can become invisible, and therefore easy to take for granted. Some families' circumstances and realities make for inequities and struggles that needn't exist in our wealthy province. READ is actively creating a more equitable, connected, and empowered community every day, tutor to student, and program to community. We're really proud to be able to help and know that every dollar is going to make a big difference! 

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