04Apr 16

Authors’ Circle Members – The Greene Family

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Meet the Greene family! They give monthly as members of the Author’s Circle.


Devin “the dad” is a Senior Software Developer with SED Systems. He enjoys running, playing Ultimate Frisbee and Lego. His dream date would take place at a comic convention.  His grandmother once worried that he would have no friends because his face was always in a book.

Renee “the mom” is a Marketing & Multimedia Coordinator with the Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS®. She likes pranking co-workers, planning travel adventures, and watching CFL and NBA games.  Her dream date would occur front row, centre court at a Toronto Raptors basketball game. She alternates between reading 19th century literary masterpieces, and mindless, mystery novels.

Jorja “the daughter” is a nine-year-old fourth grader. She loves piano, swimming, and anything and everything having to do with Harry Potter.  Her dream date would take place at Hogwarts Castle. She has read every Harry Potter book several times. 

Finley “the son” (also sometimes referred to as “the boy”) is a seven-year-old grade two student. He loves playing drums, basketball (and will cheer for any team his mom doesn’t like), and Star Wars. His dream date would involve light sabers and Mine Craft. He just started reading chapter books, but still loves to sneak in a graphic novel every now and then.

Literacy is important to us because … it provides an escape to new worlds, allows imagination to flourish, and provides exciting, affordable entertainment! It also provides great one-on-one time with our kids for the last 30 minutes of the day when we make time to read together.

We support READ Saskatoon because … literacy, and the joys and opportunity it brings, is something everyone should have access to. READ Saskatoon does an amazing job of making it available to so many people in so many ways.  The dedication of the staff is evident in everything they do, and we know our contributions are being well utilized. 

Please consider joining the Authors' Circle as a monthly donor. Help write our future.