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As the world grows and technology changes, we are at risk of leaving individuals and entire communities behind, and while we believe that potential is evenly distributed, our work has shown us that opportunity is not. Foundations Learning & Skills Saskatchewan staff and volunteers aim to meet the literacy needs of the community, but we need your help. 

Last year, we recognized Seabaschine for his perseverance and dedication in Lead, our adult literacy program. In his speech he wrote how the program has impacted his life. “Since joining the program, I feel more confident when I am reading, and I can recognize mistakes quickly when I am reading aloud, writing, or spelling. 

I can recognize and read signs on buses and feel more confident when I come across signs around the city. I have an easier time recognizing words in text messages and books as well sounding out new words. I also have a lot of books at work that I can now read on my own. I’m more confident in my abilities when the time comes for me to move on from the program.”

Your gift empowers people. Help write our future.
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Perks for GEM members

Donors of:

  • $75 per month (or more) receive one ticket to LIT UP!, our gala event
  • $50-74 per month receive one ticket to We Are Story event

Benefits to Donors:

  • joy of your commitment as an advocate of improving literacy in our community
  • convenience,
  • ability to give more through smaller, regular gifts,

Benefits to Foundations

  • predictable funding leads to consistent programming and builds stability for future planning,
  • reduces the volume of mail we send, using less paper,
  • lower administrative costs.

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You can call 306-652-5448 to set up alternate ways to give monthly.

Invest in the cause of improving literacy by supporting adults, families, and children.
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Help write our future.