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  • 14Jan 2022
    Literacy + Play = Success!

    Family Literacy Day is Thursday, January 27th. Register here to celebrate literacy and learning in your home. READ Saskatoon’s family literacy programs combine learning and play through literacy enriched activities and information. Our programs are grounded in the belief that children’s literacy development start in the home and community, and the special adults in a […]

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  • 17Apr 2021
    Davidson School Librarian Plans to Use READ Saskatoon’s Early Numeracy Program to Smooth Kindergarten Transition April 17, 2021

    Research has determined that “children’s mathematics ability at the beginning of Kindergarten is...

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  • 19Jan 2021
    Strong Families Create Strong Communities

    READ Saskatoon is a local literacy organization that offers literacy programs to adults and families...

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  • 09Sep 2019
    Dramatic Expression

    Volunteering as a Reading Guide for READ Saskatoon may be just the thing for you! I volunteer with ...

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  • 25Jan 2019
    Prevention is Crucial

    My name is Kayla Schneider. I am the Family Literacy Coordinator at READ Saskatoon....

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  • 16Jan 2019
    Save Smart

    Parenthood is not for the faint of heart. It’s a huge job, and one that these days comes with...

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