18Oct 21

Conexus Wins Community Builder Award

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I am thrilled to accept the Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon Community Builder Award on behalf of our Board, our employees – who give unselfishly of their time and talent – and our members – whose patronage enables us to support the phenomenal work being done through READ Saskatoon’s literacy programs.

Being connected to our communities across Saskatchewan is a commitment we have upheld for the last 80+ years. Our members’ and communities’ financial well-being drives everything we do and we know, it is only when someone’s basic human needs are met, that they can become financially well.

Financial literacy is a critical life skill and is something we’re actively bringing awareness to especially now as people financially recover from the pandemic.

We couldn’t have picked a more aligned community partner.  Not only does the team at READ Saskatoon help us fulfill our purpose, but their commitment to making a difference; creating opportunities and transforming lives is truly inspiring. When I look back and think about some of the workshops I have attended and see the light in the eyes of the participants as they learn new things and build confidence around some of the basics around finances, whether that be basic budgeting in how that can help reduce some of the financial stressors or getting a better understanding around RESP’s in how it can help support their children with post-secondary education with some of the grants available. I can’t say enough about how rewarding it is to volunteer and encourage everyone to step forward and volunteer and support READ Saskatoon.

Thank you again to everyone at READ Saskatoon. It is truly an honor to be recognized today and we’re excited to continue our support to help READ continue providing financial literacy across the province.

Thank you!

Norman Duret
Saskatoon Branch Manger
Conexus Credit Union