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Corporate Volunteering

Make a difference through your workplace!

Low literacy skills can prevent people from reaching their full potential. Interwoven through every aspect of life, from paying bills to accessing healthcare information, literacy impacts everyone.

How can your workplace help your community?
Contact us at [email protected] or (306) 652-5448 for more information.

Download the Corporate Volunteer poster.

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Join the Board of Directors or become a Committee Member​
  • Assist us in the planning or execution of a Fundraising Event​
  • Organize a book drive​
  • Join us in facilitating a Payday Playday or Saskatchewan Odyssey Event in a school or community​
  • Volunteer in one of our four core program areas: Lead (Adult Literacy), Family Literacy, Financial Literacy, Spark (Children’s Literacy)​
  • Hold a third-party fundraiser
  • Invite the Foundations team to your workplace so we can tell you about our work and
    current volunteer opportunities.​

Benefits of Corporate Volunteering:

Volunteering as a group has many benefits. You will:

  • Increase staff engagement, retention, and job satisfaction 
  • Build stronger relationships and increase morale within your team 
  • Develop new skills outside of a workplace setting 
  • Gain a greater understanding of how literacy impacts our community 
  • Work towards a more inclusive society for everyone! 

“I can’t say enough about how rewarding it is to volunteer and encourage everyone to step forward and volunteer and support Foundations.”

– Norm Duret, Saskatoon Branch Manger, Conexus Credit Union