01Sep 21

Learner Achievement Award Winner 2021

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Hello, and Welcome, today, I believe it is an honor to be here, at this moment, here at Canada. My name is Xiaoyan Jin. I Came to Canada in 2013. The Place I Started making a Living was Saskatoon. Everything was a new beginning into my life chapter, but my biggest challenge I faced was my English, because English is not my type. I remember the days of me in my Junior High School Times of me learning English in Class, but I wasn’t a good Listener and all, because I did not like English. Therefore, my Grades weren’t good.

Here I started a new life, I went to school and found a part-time job, Canada is an awesome country. If you encounter difficulties, citizens will help you including the government, and most importantly READ Saskatoon provided me with proper English ever since 2018, and still now, Special Thanks to Beth for never giving up on me no matter what, she would help my English by making appointments with me. Finally, I appreciate for staying with me through these difficult times.

I wish you and those close to you the very best. This past year has shown how important it is we support each other, and the communities we live and work. We have proven that we are all in this together, and can overcome problems. Thank you.

-2021 Learner Achievement Award Winner at the PGI Golf Tournament for Literacy, Xiaoyan Jin