23Apr 14

LIT UP! from Vesna’s Perspective

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One of my favourite things about LIT UP! was meeting new people. People were so friendly and talked to me and others. People sometimes joked and smiled and sometimes people were serious talking about their lives.

This event gave me a chance to dress up and spend time with my tutor and meet many people. I was very, very happy and excited to meet an important leader in our province. I respect our leaders very much and I was nervous!

The auctioneer talked so fast I couldn’t understand him (Neither did my tutor!). It was funny to listen and we laughed and smiled a lot!

The appetizers were wonderful. My favourites were devilled eggs and shrimp.

It was fun to see all of the prizes on the tables. Some people were happy to win with their tickets. Others….not so lucky.

I also enjoyed listening to the speakers who talked about READ Saskatoon. They help people and I respect READ Saskatoon because they help me. I like having a tutor instead of being in a class because we work on only my life, not a whole group. My tutor helps me for my job, for my life. READ Saskatoon supports people who need to improve their skills.

Thank you so much READ Saskatoon!


Vesna (learner) and Joanne (tutor) were matched approximately 2 years ago and have been working every week together, taking summers off. Vesna is over 55 years of age, works full time and moved to Canada from a war-torn country approximately ten years ago. She has experienced the loss of her husband and adult son since coming to Saskatoon and also manages her own personal medical issues. All of these complications have impacted her learning, and yet, she participates with a positive attitude, shows a consistent commitment to improve her literacy, and has shown increased independence in all areas of her life – work and personal – as a result of READ Saskatoon’s tutor program.