21Dec 15

Parviz Yazdani – READ Saskatoon supporter

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Dr. Parviz Yazdani, is a Saskatoon dentist and entrepreneur, who has been living in Saskatoon since his move to Canada as a refugee. He says that he still struggles on how to stay warm 9 months out of the year. Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, he spent his undergraduate years in Montreal and thinks it’s the best place on earth, if only they had 7-11’s there. Early in his dental career, he started Canada-World Cinema Project and Xerxes Indie Films, film companies with the objectives of international coproductions with developing countries, as a means of socio-economic development. After a series of critical success (meaning lots of awards, but no money!) with various projects, he decided to dedicate more of his time to the dental business, and working with NGO’s in Central America and Haiti to provide dental services for the underserved, migrant, and refugee populations.

In addition to his two private practices, he is the founding director of Saskatoon West Dental clinic, an outreach arm of the College of Dentistry in the core neighbourhoods with emphasis on serving the underserved citizens of Saskatoon. He is currently working to ensure the new arrivals have access to dental care. He wants sponsor groups to know about the clinic and its plan to offer free and discounted dental work to arriving refugees. He is also currently looking into ways to provide dental services to refugee camps in the Middle East. Social justice issues are of particular interest to him and he is especially supportive of personal empowerment, economic and gender equality, and human rights causes. He is an avid soccer player/follower, reader and world traveller. A true sensualist, Parviz loves eating (maybe too much), electronic and dance music, and all things beautiful.

Parviz Yazdani explains why he supports READ Saskatoon:

“Literacy is important to me because it is the first necessary step towards investigating independently for the truth. And this search for the truth, is the cornerstone of humanity and what sets us apart from other animals.”

“I support READ Saskatoon because it consists of a group of people who are working tirelessly to empower others to live their lives on their own terms and with their own knowledge, often with very little other than personal satisfaction as their reward.”