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From 2021-05-18 to 2021-05-20, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday every week
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

READ Saskatoon delivers Momentum's Money Management Training. This curriculum is a holistic, asset-based approach to growing a sustainable livelihood.

This curriculum has been designed for the use of community-based organizations who work with people with lower incomes.

 Your organization will

• Build expertise in the sustainable livelihoods approach to poverty reduction

• Build in-house capacity to provide money management education for your participants

• Have the flexibility to work through each topic at a pace that works for your participants

Your participants will

• Learn the critical skills necessary for achieving a sustainable livelihood

• Learn how to save and reduce debt, even on a low income

• Understand how thoughts and feelings about money impact how they manage money

• Learn how financial assets are connected to personal, human, physical and social assets

• Tell their money where to go instead of asking where it has gone.

What is included within the Financial Literacy training?

Your staff will receive:

• Intensive two-day facilitation training on the five core workshops

• Facilitation skills based on adult learning principles

• Financial Literacy Curriculum manual and resources, including facilitators' guides and participant handouts

• Networking opportunities with other agencies serving people living on low incomes

What makes the curriculum unique?

• It’s all in the delivery and based on comprehensive front-line experience working with individuals living on low incomes

• Plain language content increases the accessibility of the material for groups with lower literacy levels

• Foundational nature of the curriculum tailored to the unique needs of individuals living on low incomes or experiencing other barriers

• Activity-based approach provides an engaging environment for participants to learn about a challenging topic

• Five modules cover both the technical and behavioral components of financial literacy, increasing the chances that participants will be able and willing to make the changes in their own lives.