19May 23

Sutton Community Impact Award Recipient

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Congratulations to Rick Peddle, this year’s Sutton Community Impact Award recipient at LIT UP!.

Thanks, Jay, and to Sutton Wealth Planning for supporting Foundations with this recognition. I have known the owners of Sutton for many years, and I personally trust them as my financial advisor.

When Sheryl called to inform me that they planned to present me with this award, I replied something along the lines of “That is incredibly flattering, but I definitely don’t deserve it.” I think I said that because I believe there are so many Foundations supporters out there, that someone else must be more deserving. And I’m sure there is! But I suppose that is letting my “Saskatchewan” show!

Like most Saskatchewan people, my family raised me with the understanding that it is my duty to give back to our community every day. That doesn’t always have to be with money, it can be with time too. We are all so lucky to live here and to have an organization like Foundations working to improve people’s lives.

It is an easy choice for me and my family to support Foundations. Absolutely, literacy it is a great cause, and that is one of the first things we look at when making our giving decisions. But more than that, Sheryl, Michelle and the entire Foundations team are also amazing people, and the work they do multiplies the impact of any donations they receive.

I will also tell you that volunteering time to work with Foundations, be it for an event, committee, or board position, is incredibly rewarding… and a heck of a lot of fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Thanks again for this, and for all that everyone at Foundations does for the people in our community!

–  Rick Peddle, Sutton Community Impact Award recipient.
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