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Money Management Education

Foundations hosts a six part series of financial literacy workshops to adults, providing solid financial literacy information to help make informed financial decisions.

The 12-hour program is based on the Momentum Money Management Training, the Canadian Centre for Financial Literacy Training materials, and resources provided by financial experts in our community. The workshop series includes:

  1. Asset Building: Participants will explore their five asset areas by recognizing and valuing their various assets and identifying areas they need to strengthen to build a more sustainable and stable livelihood.
  2. Banking: Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of banking and the basic tools and guiding principles to assist them with their banking experiences.
  3. Budgeting: Participants will experience a number of hands-on activities designed to build knowledge of the value and process of budgeting. Each participant will develop or revisit their budget, based on their unique financial needs, wants and circumstances.
  4. Credit/Debt repayment: This customized workshop explores the importance of building good credit, how to avoid credit crisis, debt repayment strategies and how to repair credit history.
  5. Consumerism: Participants will gain awareness about consumerism, advertising and its effects through hands on activities and discussion. 
  6. Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP): This workshop explores the benefits of investing in a child’s educational future. Learn how to access government grants available to families when opening an RESP.
Our Successes

“There are more valuable assets in our life that are important and need to enhance everyday community, family, and friend + own lives.” (Assets Workshop, Cliff Wright Library, 2019)

“I now know some budgeting ideas and plan to help lower my expenses and manage where my money goes.” (Budgeting Workshop, Cliff Wright Library, 2020)

Want to Learn More?

For more information and upcoming dates for our workshops contact our Financial Literacy Coordinator at (306) 652-5448 or [email protected].