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  • 09Sep 2022

    Eensy Weensy Rhymers

    This 4-week program is for children 0-3 years old and their caregivers. Join us for songs, stories, and rhymes to help in the daily routines of parenting. A free take home book is provided at each session and there is no cost to participants.

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  • 12Sep 2022

    Criss Cross Applesauce

    Criss Cross Applesauce is a family learning program for parents/caregivers and their preschoolers ages 3-5. This 8-week program helps children prepare for school success at home through rhymes, stories, and literacy activities. Each week, a literacy skill is focused on. For example: early reading early writing language development and many more!

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  • 14Sep 2022

    Learn & Soar

    Learn & Soar is a family learning program for parents/caregivers and their preschoolers ages 3-5. This 8-week program allows families to learn and grow early literacy skills through songs, rhymes, stories, literacy games, and activities. Each week, a theme is explored; for example: Dinosaurs On the Farm Recycling Oceans Teddy Bears and many more!  

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  • 29Sep 2022

    1, 2 Buckle My Shoe

    1, 2 Buckle my Shoe is a family learning program for parents/caregivers and their children ages 3-5. This 6-week program focuses on early math skills for daily use. Each week, a numeracy skill is explored; for example: counting measuring shapes and many more!

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  • 04Oct 2022

    nehiyawak Language Experience

    Belinda and Randy are back! nehiyawak Language Experience (nLE) at Foundations is about Cree language revitalization, worldview, and cultural practices.

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  • And So On … by Peace Akintade

    Do you remember the fables of your youth? The quickness of breath as the tale rages on? The exhilaration, thumping beat, As your mother strangled the follicle of your imagination? Leaving you breathless, longing, hopeful? My mother wrote in whispers, as if Afraid of the words she wrote. In secret, she would craft worlds of […]

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  • Reflections from Safa Bouaddi, Winner of the 2022 Saskatoon Lions Club Learner Achievement Award

    Good afternoon, everyone! My name is Safa Bouaddi. I want to thank you for selecting me to receive the learner achievement award. Thanks also for all the help your foundation has provided me with throughout the past three years. I immigrated to Canada in 2016 right after I finished high school in my home country […]

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  • From Perseverance to Building Up

    READ Saskatoon’s running theme in 2020 was perseverance and it was fitting for the program participants, volunteers, supporters, and staff in their ability to continue achieving success during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. READ Saskatoon maintained the constant progression forward, setting an example of stability and constant service delivery with their theme being ‘building […]

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