Foundations provides one-to-one support to strengthen children’s reading strategies. Volunteers are matched with an elementary school student and meet during the day at the school. Each student receives 30 minutes of instruction twice a week for eight weeks with the goal of bringing that student’s reading to grade level.

Each student is provided with:

  • a bookmark listing the reading strategies
  • a journal used to facilitate communication between the parents or caregivers and volunteer
  • an ‘All About Me’ worksheet
  • eight books tailored to their reading interests to build their home library

Reading Guide volunteers attend a 3-hour training on reading methods and strategies. We aim to teach a wholistic view of reading: students demonstrate an enhanced use of reading strategies and display positive reading habits through the practice exercises, review of qualities of successful readers, and reading out loud.

If you would like to become a Reading Guide, visit our volunteer page for more information or contact [email protected].