01Jun 22

READ Saskatoon steps up to ensure literacy skills being met around the province

Saskatoon, June 1, 2022 – READ Saskatoon participants, volunteers, and staff are incredibly grateful to the hundreds of donors, supporters, and businesses that have helped ensure community literacy programming will be delivered throughout the province over the next four years. Together they raised 2.36 million dollars for community learning programs.

“Ensuring families have access to free literacy programs throughout the province is important,” said READ Saskatoon Board Chair, Jarvis Pelletier. “With 43 years of community literacy experience, READ Saskatoon is positioned to meet the growing demand for adult, family, children’s, and financial literacy programs. Our current programs are full, and demand is high throughout the province.”

Last year, during COVID, READ Saskatoon raised $2.36 million in the Learn Together Grow Together major giving campaign. COVID has been very hard for many families and READ Saskatoon wants to ensure everyone has access to free community learning opportunities throughout our province. Special acknowledgment goes to the Korchinski Family Foundation for their $1-million-dollar investment in community learning programs.

“In Saskatchewan, one-third of adults struggle with literacy. One-third of the province’s children arrive for their first day of kindergarten not ready to learn,” says Pelletier. “Struggling with literacy can be an extremely shame-filled, isolating experience. READ Saskatoon’s free, proven literacy programs provide opportunities for adults and families to learn and grow together”.

Over the next four years READ Saskatoon will:

  • Work with 30,000 people;
  • Double their trained volunteers from 165 to 330; and,
  • Train 200 facilitators throughout Saskatchewan, supporting them to deliver READ Saskatoon’s children’s, family, and financial literacy programs in their communities.

“We witness the opportunities that are unlocked through our programs. Literacy strengthens the bonds within our community. When individuals succeed, families succeed. And when families succeed, our communities are all the richer for it. This is what READ Saskatoon is all about, creating a community that learns and grows together,” says Sheryl Harrow-Yurach, Executive Director of READ Saskatoon.

About READ Saskatoon

Established in 1979, READ Saskatoon is a volunteer literacy organization that provides adult, family, children’s, and financial literacy services to individuals and families. Literacy programs are delivered by staff and trained volunteers. Their vision is to help support a community that values literacy, and they believe that lifelong habits contribute to strong and resilient communities.

Sheryl Harrow-Yurach
Executive Director, READ Saskatoon
t. 306-652-5448