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Mad with Plaid “We are Glad”: a poem by Peace Akintade

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The world is in a terrible place
The storm rages on
Outside our windowstills.
Rings of fire float through the air
As children sigh and moan about the end times.

The world is in a dire place.
Fear replaces excitement.
Anxiety replaces creativity.
And bad luck clouds the beauty
Of the changing times.
The world is in a crooked place.

Along the greys, whites, and tans
Of the melancholy.
A silhouette of one-hundred-forty-four
Multicoloured optimists take the scene!
Painting the air with hazy joy across the field.

This is the calm before the storm.

As matching plaid hats, socks, aprons,
Scarves and suits conquer the proud
Mini hills of Saskatoon.
You’ll find them bobbing their heads to songs
Such as “Baby got Back”, “Push It” by salt and pepper,
And “Benny and the Jets”

Yes! Our plaid warriors with smiles as big as the chester cat.
Knck-knck-knck their golfballs creating landmines
Of explosive positivity in the foggy horizon.

The world feels tilted, but the goodness of people make it worthwhile.

Yes! Let’s hold our breath at the chipping contest,
As friends scream and curse those standing buckets.
Let’s remember together the small towns of Saskatchewan
Such as Leroy, Osler, Allen, and Star-city.
Let’s cheat our way to victory
By elongating licorice across the sun.
Let’s clap our hands and yell
“Have a good run!”

Jubilation, exultation
Sunny seasons, and windy relief.
Exhilaration, transports of delights,
Or the seventh heaven,

Comes from community.
Comes from companionship.

To be mad is to be thrilling
In a world full of despair.

We are mad for plaid.
Therefore, we are glad!

When the cobra chickens
Chase us down
Yell, we are glad!

When we lose our fanny packs,
Golf clubs, and phones,
Yell, we are glad!

Let’s learn together, grow together
Because, we are glad!

The world is a scary place
But in the company of others,
We are glad!

Our plaid warriors drive around in carts
Decorated with giant goggle eyes.
Sharing laughter to anyone who will hear.

We are young people in old outfits.

More importantly together, we are glad!

Pose for the camera, plaid warriors.
Raise your cans of O16 and radlers.

Go forth, plaid warriors.
Share your joy with everyone.

A smile makes the heart glad.
A high-five makes the body glad.
And a positive word makes the mind glad.

With your weapons of pens,
Curiosity, and influence.
Let’s make the fog go away,
And the sun shine through
Once again.

All together now,


Mad with Plaid “We are Glad” was written by Peace Akintade, the poet laureate for Foundations’ Golf Tournament for Literacy 2023.

Thank you, Peace!


David Stobbe / Stobbe Photo