07Mar 16

Family Literacy 2016

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Thank you to all of our community collaborators who helped us celebrate Family Literacy Month 2016, and to Conexus Credit Union who made it all possible!

Our family literacy events were hosted by 7 different organizations in Saskatoon and across the province, and over 500 people braved the winter weather to celebrate with us. We also launched 8- week Romp ‘n’ READ programs in 3 locations across the city and we’ve had the privilege of sharing our passion for Family Literacy with parents and preschoolers from all walks of life.

At a Saskatchewan Odyssey event we strive to:

  • Increase literacy activities that extend beyond print, for parents to support their children’s literacy development.

“We loved that it was all about the province! We were talking about all the things we could make at home using ideas from the event.”

– Parent, Brevoort Park School

  • Increase opportunities for community partners to provide responsive literacy events.


“At Ecole St. Gerard, we strongly believe that literacy is a fundamental educational goal and this event is an excellent way to promote literacy while engaging families.” – Teacher, Ecole St. Gerard

  • Enhance opportunities for parents and children to connect and interact with other families within community using high quality, literacy-focused activities.

“It was so nice to see a lot of our senior students attend along with their younger siblings and when speaking to them about their experiences and which games they liked best.”

– Community Coordinator, Confederation Park Community School

“Technology is everywhere it was so nice to see that families were writing and drawing and talking together."- Parent, Brevoort Park School

Literacy Connects Us, whether it’s snuggling together reading a favourite bedtime story, preparing a family meal together or having a sing-along on a road trip, we can learn, play and grow together!