20Aug 20

Curtis Peeteetuce- 2020 Poet Laureate

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Each year, to close out the READ Saskatoon Golf Tournament for Literacy, a poet laureate reads the poem they created throughout that day. We were honoured to have Curtis Peeteetuce as our poet this year. Curtis was also our poet laureate back in 2015, and had to invite him back after his stellar performance. Here is his poem.

Golfers, is it ever good to be back. Amirite? Just a few weeks shy of September

And although I wasn’t here in person for it all, I remember…

I remember the feels of the fresh morning air, the calm of the dew drying on the morning greens

Shades of Reds, browns, tans under living blue skys and every other earth tone mother nature brings

The anticipation of the course, being with colleagues, fam and friendses

Oh the honour. This place and space summons all kinds of senses

Like the sounds of the birdies in the woods, tweeting never sounded so good,

And the rain stays away, another day, as it should.

Carrying forth on the land, 9-iron in hand, divot man with a plan shouting obscenities in the sand. While the Mulligan man – sipping water- smiles as hard as he can.

And there’s more. There’s laughter, visiting, reconnecting. Yes, this is more than just about net and gross score.

Yay to the fragrances, the aromas of the trees, event the bees buzzing above the grasses and greens. It’s all here. It’s golf! It’s good to be here, to be back, talking small talk with you. Yay!

And it all starts with the sound of a ‘whoo’…now let’s play.

About the Poet:

Curtis Peeteetuce is an award-winning theatre artist from the Beardy’s & Okemasis Cree Nation. Since 2001, he has had the honour of working with many talented people in theatre, radio drama, music and film. He is a storyteller, actor, writer, director, dancer, musician and the playwright for the popular rez Christmas story series and the recently published plays nicimos, kihew and Popcorn Elder (nominated for 2 Saskatchewan arts awards). Curtis has also served as an MC, cultural arts consultant and advocates for mental health and suicide awareness. He dedicates all his accomplishments to his son Mahihkan.